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Credit: Director

Masquerade (2014)

Directed by Alessandro Repetti

Cesare quit his job as head of the special department in charge of integrating the Returnees into society. He quit because he didn’t agree any longer with their policy of treating those creatures like slaves. Cesare stands up for their life, when the Doge of Venice decides to destroy them when it became politically convenient. Cesare’s determination doesn’t only lay in protecting human rights. He believes that they can still feel emotion and, possibly one day, talk. His dear Amanda was turned into a Returnee few years ago, but Cesare always refused treating her like a dog with rabies. When the Doge is about to press the button that will annihilate every Returnee in Venice, Cesare will interfere.

Release date: 30 May 2014

Country: United Kingdom / Italy

Runtime: 17 min
Language: Italian

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Filming locations: Venice, Italy; Coventry, UK




Doge of Venice


Directed by

Director of Photography

Camera Operator

Sound Recordist

Sound Designer

Assistant Producer

Produced by

Hair & Make-up

On-set Photographer

Inspired by the graphic novel

Marco Canadea

Francesca Bruni

Gino Picciano

Emma Hagan

Alessandro Repetti

Luke J Collins

Brett Sayer

Dan Hooper

Tony Agar

Charlie Deakin

Alessandro Repetti

Zahrah Heider

Rachel Appleby

Dylan Dog "Il Pianeta dei Morti"

by Alessandro Bilotta



Cast & Crew


Lead roles

Francesca Bruni is known for Post Mortem (2021), Masquerade (2014) and Rose Garden (2015).

Marco Canadea is an actor, known for the Bollywood success Queen (2013), Ron Howard's Rush (2013), Masquerade (2014) and Streaker (2017)

Marco Canadea
Francesca Bruni

Complete Film (17 min)

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