Credit: Director


Short Film (2014)

Venice, Italy. Cesare stands up for the life of the Returnees, strange undead creatures, partially submitted to human control by invasive muzzle-masks. After another incident, the Doge of Venice decides to be done with them and destroy all Returnees. Cesare’s determination doesn’t only lay in protecting their rights, he believes they can still feel emotion and, possibly, think.
Alessandro Repetti
Luke J Collins
Camera Op
Brett Sayer
Written in collaboration with
Alessandro Bilotta
Inspired by
Dylan Dog
Il Pianeta dei Morti Viventi
Francesca Bruni is an actress, known for Masquerade (2014), Summer Kite (2015) and Rose Garden (2015).
Marco Canadea is an actor, known for the Bollywood success Queen (2013), Ron Howard's Rush (2013)and Masquerade (2014).
Marco Canadea
Francesca Bruni
Complete Film (17 min)
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