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Alessandro Repetti

With his honest empathy and attention to human emotions, Alessandro Repetti is establishing himself as a critical film director, addressing crucial issues of modern society with all his films. He's a member of the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew in London.


Starting his career in Live News Television, Alessandro moves to Rome to enter the film industry in the production PASOLINI, LA VERITA’ NASCOSTA (2011, Horizon Films), the true story of controversial figure Pier Paolo Pasolini's murder. Alessandro achieves his BA in Media Production with the short film MASQUERADE (2014, Coventry University UK), bringing the zombie genre to a new level of social impact and morality. The film gained great recognition in the horror community due to its freshness and relevance.

After three years directing television, Alessandro makes a return to cinema collaborating with Luke Collins on several shorts. Their film SWIPED (2019, BBC New Creatives) received over half a million views in the opening week across iPlayer and social platforms. The film brings the dystopian concept of VR dating to real modern-day characters, who unconsciously abuse what such technology offers them. The short film CAPPUCCINO (2018, Channel 4 Random Acts) is an example of going straight to the root of the problem to destroy preconceptions, by truly allowing the audience to empathise with the social pressure caused by speech disorders.


In 2019 Alessandro writes and directs HOW SCARED SHE WAS (2020, Orange Films) putting children fragility at the centre of the narrative: the story of a carjacking which turned into the abduction of a little girl. Instantly relatable, this film drags the audience into this violent story inspired by, sadly, true events.


TRANSGRESSING (2023, RED FILMS) is a 23-minute short film, capturing the hardest choice a university student decides to make to rescue her family. The film has won four Best Actress and two Best Score awards, as well as being widely well received for its message and emotional journey.

Alessandro's work as a filmmaker exemplifies his dedication for emotion-led captivating narrations and issues affecting minorities of our society.

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