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Jake has only ever reported unexciting news in the local paper, but tonight he’s burdened with a much bigger task. Mr Tomassi, a father of a 4-year-old has had his car violently hijacked while parking up in the centre of town. The robbers disappear with the car, accidentally carrying the most precious cargo: his daughter Jessica.  Jake, who also is a father, feels very tense as he faces the desperation of Mr Tomassi. With his words, Jake lives through the terrible scene that happened that day. He grips Mr Tomassi’s hands and promises he will write the best article he can to help find his daughter. After a sleepless night, Jake receives a phone call from the paper editor saying his article is getting pulled. But the news gets worse.

Director's Statement

When I first read this news on the paper, my blood froze. It was told from the point of view of the journalist who had put his heart and soul into finding the missing child. I had to tell his story.

We focused the script on Jake’s emotional journey, as a journalist, but more importantly, as a father himself. His son Elliott, in fact, has a similar age to Mr Tomassi’s daughter. Jake can completely relate to the horror of having your child taken by a stranger. He is compelled to help in the only way a journalist can: by writing. However, the interesting take is that Jake ignores his own son’s birthday to help Mr Tomassi in his desperate quest of finding his daughter. This conflict between relatable fatherhood and the love for his own child will haunt Jake throughout the story. At the same time we have the incredible opportunity to observe the volatile reaction of a wounded father: with his daughter being taken, Mr Tomassi has hit rock bottom, however his behaviour seems natural and kind. 

I have always been fascinated by social masks and how each one of us is capable of faking emotions even if they go completely against to what we have inside. Mr Tomassi is a man of good values who is capable of sympathy even when he has lost everything. This film gave me the opportunity of giving these two fathers a voice to express their weaknesses, against the stereotype of leading white family men. Jake’s story has touch me in a way I can only imagine. This film makes me scared of having my own child and, more importantly, of being a horrible father.

How can we raise and educate a new human being if we can’t even handle our own emotions and consequent behaviour?





Alessandro Repetti is Writer/Director/Producer

Starting his career in Live News Television, Alessandro moves to Rome to enter the film industry as lighting crew during the production of PASOLINI, LA VERITA’ NASCOSTA (2011 Horizon Films), the true story of controversial figure Pierpaolo Pasolini’s murder. In 2012 Alessandro moves to the UK, where he graduates in Media Production BA (First Class Hons), with his first short film MASQUERADE (2014), a low budget adaptation of Dylan Dog, an Italian graphic novel. The film quickly gained success, especially after the graphic novel’s writer endorsed it publicly. In 2015 Alessandro wins the Jury Prize for Best Short Video at the Sforzato Wine Film Fest, in Italy. He makes his directorial debut on British television with COAST2COAST (2015-2016), a TV Series filmed across the USA, from LA to NYC. He then directs over 300 episodes of motoring television, in collaboration with Dave (UKTV). Alessandro makes a return to cinema, co-writing and directing the photography of Channel 4’s CAPPUCCINO (2018) and as first camera of BBC New Creatives’ SWIPED (2019) distributed on iPlayer. For the second year in a row, he is accepted as a member of the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew in London. Alessandro latest film HOW SCARED SHE WAS (2020) narrates the true story of how a car-jacking turned into the abduction of a little girl. Alessandro is currently in pre-production with PAPERCUTS and TRANSGRESSING (2021).

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Directed by Alessandro Repetti

Written by Luke J Collins & Alessandro Repetti


Francis Quigley

Mark Highfield

Nicola Brome



Produced by Alessandro Repetti & Luke Collins

Director of Photography | Luke J Collins

Jake | Francis Quigley

Police Constable | Nicola Brome

Mr Tomassi | Mark Highfield

Jessica | Jessica Downey

Vicky | Isabeau Popp

Chief Editor | Vicky Buxton

Elliott | Aubrey Bradley


First Assistant Director | Thomas Longstaff

Director of Photography | Luke J Collins

First Assistant Camera | Tom Laxton

Second Assistant Camera | Tim Merrylees

Location Sound Recordist | Edward Towers

Foley Artist | Edward Towers

Sound Designer | Edward Towers

Music by | James Powley

Additional ADR Recordist | Antek Rutczyński

Assistant to Jessica | James Downey

Assistant to Aubrey | Lucy Bradley-Biesok

Produced by | Alessandro Repetti & Luke Collins


Special thanks to Laura Collins & Robin McFarland

Thanks to Coventry University

Runners | Paula Roelas & Yosune Aston

A film by Alessandro Repetti




On set


HOW SCARED SHE WAS | 2020 © Alessandro Repetti Filmmaker 



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