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Credit: DoP


Short Film (2018)

Mike waits nervously, it's almost time for his big moment. Can he battle his inner demons in front of an expectant crowd?

"Cappuccino" is an Art Council England funded short film, made in partnership with the "Random Acts" scheme and produced by Rural Media. Cappuccino premiered at Borderlines Film Festival 2018, and is now streamable through Channel 4's Random Acts website.
Grant Black
Rich Matthwes
Rural Media
Luke J Collins
Alessandro Repetti
Sound Op
Ian Preece
Ross Samuel is an Actor, known for his theatre roles Lady Windermere's Fan (2016) and Don Juan comes back from the War (2015). Trained at Arts Educational Schools London. 
Francis Quigley is an actor, known for Precipice Hours (2014) and Hotchi(2017). 
Francis Quigley
©David Yiu
Ross Samuel
©Claire Newman-Williams
Complete Film (3 min)
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