Short Film (2013)


The City has claimed territory over Nature’s land. It has been a battle with no mercy. Grey against Green. Or it isn’t a fight? It might well be more of a dance between the two. An unspoken agreement of truce. A dance of a small yellow Tulip surrounded by tall buildings and frightening towers. A visual input to an emotional output. A research of the truth that not even Magritte could explain through his paintings. Who is good and who is evil? And why? How do we decide? Upon whose moral we can judge? The answer is not clear, but the dance is still there today, in our everyday life, as well as in NY’s.
Alessandro Repetti
Camera Op
Luke J Collins
1st AC
Brett Sayer
Production Supervisor
Rebecca Pittam
Rikki-lee Millbank is an Australian actress, known for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), Baked in Brooklyn(2016), Fawn and The Suicide of Maggie Barns (2017).
Rikki-lee Millbank