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Credit: Director

Short Film (2020)

Jake has only ever reported unexciting news in the local paper. But tonight something bigger is happening in this small Surrey town. A father of a 6-year-old has had his car violently hijacked while parking up in the centre of town. Jake, who also has a son, is very tense as he interviews Mr Tommasi, the father, who is in such state of shock, that doesn't even appear to be in despair. Through his words, Jake lives the terrible scene happened that day. Two men in balaclava pulled Mr Tommasi out of the car and drive off with it, possibly without even noticing a child was on the back seat. Mr Tommasi was injured and thrown in the street as he looked his son being taken away by those criminals. Jake grabs Mr Tommasi's hands and promises he will write the best article he can to help find his son. After a sleepless night, Jake receives a phone call from the paper editor saying his article will get pulled. But that's not the worse news.
Alessandro Repetti
Luke J Collins
Thomas Longstaff
Alessandro Repetti
Luke J Collins
Matt Millard
Francis Quigley is an actor and writer, known for Channel 4's Cappuccino (2018), The Burying Party (2018) and Mandown (2015).
Mark Highfield is an actor, known for Zero Possibility (2019) and The Staring Contest (2019).
mark highfield.jpg
Francis Quigley
©David Yiu
Mark Highfield
©Mark Highfield 
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